All classes are currently canceled because of Covid 19 pandemic!

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    Each session is $40 that is cover two hours in a group setting, private lessons are $35 per hour.

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    The ussual materials are egg tempera and acrylic. It is preferred the class can alter the material. 

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  1. Opening of class with prayer.
  2. Receiving materials that is include: primed board, drawing ,brushes, gold leaves, sizing and paint.
  3. Laying down the pattern.
  4. Once the pattern has been transferred, the outline of the pattern is written with umber. Some lines can be enforced with stylus especially the line that defines area of nimbus.
  5. Gilding with real gold 23K or 24K.
  6. Opening of the icon, application of the paint in all areas. The base tone that is called “sankir” goes on the holy face.
  7. Modeling of holy image. Few layers of the flesh tones required.
  8. Highlighting.
  9. Varnishing.
  10. Thanksgiving prayer.

Dec 02 '14

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